Trips in the Region

There is a lot to see on the Yucatán Peninsula. In order to see something of the surroundings, you can book a tour starting from Playa del Carmen or travel by yourself by (rental) car. In the latter case, you spend much less money. On this page you can find some ideas for your holidays in Playa el Carmen.  



Probably the most famous ruins in the region, with a big pyramid in good conditions. Very touristic.


Ruins next to the see, famous for its "castle" in front of the turquoise sea. No high pyramids, but very vast. Very touristic.


High pyramid, ruins in good conditions. There's still a lot undiscovered. Because of the vastness, you can rent a bike to move faster on-site.


In Southern Mexico there's a whole system with underground water. This system is spread all over the Yucatán Peninsula. There are a lot of spots where the water is coming overground, wherever there is a limestone pit. These places are called Cenotes. The sweet water is very clean and clear and beautiful for a swim. The Maya thought that Cenotes were entrances to the underworld.

Ik Kil

The cenote Ik Kil is close to Chichén-Itzá. Therefore, you can combine your visit to the ruins with a swim in the cenote. The cenote is very touristic.


Also close to Chichén-Itzá, ideal for swimming, a bit less famous than Ik Kil and therfore less touristic.


Slightly North from Valladolid, good infrastructure, can be combined with a visit to Chichén-Itzá. Not very touristic.

Cenote Azul

South from Playa del Carmen in direction of Tulum (Carretera Federal), approx. a 20 minutes drive. Open cenote, very beautiful and cheap entrance fee. Not very touristic, but you'll probably not be the only visitor.

Gran Cenote

Close from Tulum, it's possible to swim with turtles.


On the main road (Carretera Federal) direction of Tulum. The touristic cenote with good infrastructure and additional attractions such as ropeways. Three cenotes at once. Quite expensive.

Cenotes of Cobá

Three cenotes worth a visit after visiting the ruins of Cobá: Tamcach-Ha & Choo-Ha & Multún-Ha. You can buy an entrance ticket for all three cenotes.


Open Cenote on the main road (Carretera Federal) direction of Tulum, ideal for swimming.


There are a lot of cenotes made for diving. If you have a diving license, it's worth contacting a diving center.

Islands close to Playa del Carmen


Holbox is accessible throug a direct main street from Playa del Carmen, at the end of which you have to take a ferry. On the island there is no paved path, but only sand paths. Cars are not allowed on Holbox. You walk, ride a bike, ride a motorcycle or ask for a taxi (beach buggy). A very flat, long beach in a light turquoise makes your stay unforgettable. In addition, you can go on a day trip to the bird islands, see dolphins, turtles, crocodiles and in some seasons even whale sharks. In summer, the sea is glowing at night because of the plankton.

Isla Mujeres

You reach Isla Mujeres by ferry from Puerto Juarez, the harbour of Cancún. There are other two harbours/starting points, one is called Playa Tortuga, the other is located at the hotel zone of Cancún. Both of these are more expensive than Puerto Juarez. Isla Mujeres has beautiful beaches with stunning turquoise Carribean water. There's a little Mexican town on the island, which is already very touristic but still not too big.


Next to Cozumel, the huge cruise ships stop on their trip in the Carribean sea. The island can be discovered by renting a car or motorcycle or even a bike. At the beaches you can do a lot of activities, the water is kind of a darmk blue and not of the typical Carribean turquoise.


Contoy is a bird island which allows only a limited number of people per day to visit its beautiful spots, to avoid that nature is damaged. You can only visit the island with a guide. The tour can be booked in Playa del Carmen (in or close to Quinta Avenida).

Nature reserve - Day trips

Sian Ka'an

Sian Ka'an is a great, vast nature reserve. To visit the area, you drive along an unpaved road. It's worth renting a Jeep or to travel with a group. On your way, it's possible to see crocodiles and other animals. At the end of the road, after around two and a half hours of driving starting from Tulum,  you're awarded with a beautiful few on the turquoise see (Punta Allen). From there, take the boat and go looking for de dolphins! There are a lot of dolphins swimming in the sea. In addition, you can see big sea turtles. And there is a "natural pool" waiting for you to swim in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not a lot of tourists drive all the way down to Punta Allen.

Tizimín, Las coloradas, río Lagartos

Starting from Playa del Carmen north-westward you arrive in Tizimín, a typical Mexican village with a traditional market. After a short break the trip continues to Las Coloradas. The saltern are a hotspot because of the impressive pink water where you can also see flamingos. After a guided visit you take a boat trip on Ría Lagartos where you probably see crocodiles, pelicans and other animals as well as a beautiful flora. The excursion finishes in Río Lagartos, a little town at the Gulf of Mexico. 


Of course, the city of Playa del Carmen offers a long sand beach itself. It starts directly in front of the Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida). Next to the beach, there are a lot of bars and restaurants as well as souvenir shops. Linked to the beach of Playa del Carmen ist the beach of Playa Car, which belongs to Playa del Carmen. You can walk along the beach for kilometres.

Blue Venado Beach Club

Not far from Playa del Carmen, there is the Blue Venado Beach Club with a small beach and some water activities. The access is free, but you have to consume at the restaurant of the beach club.


The beach of Akumal shines in a light turquoise. The region is touristic, but with less hotels than Playa del Carmen or Cancún.


In Tulum there is a long hotel zone and a lot of beaches. From the beach you can see the ruins of Tulum (far away). You find everything in Tulum, from luxury hotels to campgrounds.


To reach the beach of Xpu-Há, you have to drive around 26 km South in direction of Tulum. The entrance fee is low and for paying something, you can escape a little bit from the touristic mainstream.

Puerto AVenturas

This beach is located within the little town of Puerto Aventuras. It's a calm, small beach with some palmtrees and therefore an ideal place to spend some hours with your family.  

El Cuyo

El Cuyo is located two driving hours from Playa del Carmen and quite virgin. It's worth staying one night in El Cuyo, as it's not very close from Playa del Carmen. 

Isla Mujeres

see above


see above

Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a calm fishing village where tourism is starting to grow more and more. The beach begins directly at the village and is clean. and well-kept. 

Leisure and theme parks


Xcaret is a theme park about Mexico, with flora and fauna, music, beaches, shows and underground rivers.


Xel-Há is a park with a bay, where you can do a lot of water activities such as snorkeling, diving, climbing over the water (ropepark) etc.


Xplor is an adventure park with a ropepark, mini-jeeps, climbing possibilities and a lot of other activities for people who like to do sports.


In the Xenses park you can learn more about your own senses: sense of touch, smell, taste, see hear... There's nothing that doesn't exist.


In the Delphinus park you can swim with dolphins. They show you their tricks. Everything is photographed and filmed.

Ríos Secretos

In Ríos Secretos you can swim in underground rivers and gaze at the stalactites.