Welcome to Paradise

Front view of the holiday home in Playa del Carmen
The holiday home in Playa del Carmen


We're a Mexican-Swiss family and often stay at the holiday home ourselves.


Whenever we don't stay at the holiday home, we rent it to family members, friends or tourists. Find out more about prices and availability by clicking on "prices" and "booking" in the menu on the right.


Our holiday home is located in Playa del Carmen, around 4 km from the beach, in a new-built Condominio (closed living area).


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Why spending your holidays in Playa del Carmen?

Playa del Carmen is the ideal starting point for your holidays in the Mexican Carribean. From here, it's easy to reach beautiful beaches, nature reserves, archeological monuments, theme parks and historical towns. You can find more information about excursions by clicking on "excursions" in the menu on the right. In Playa del Carmen, there's a touristic centre with a multitude of bars, restaurants, clubs and shopping facilities.